How do I wash my wrap?

Wrap City Designs recommends hand washing with standard car wash soap or isopropyl alcohol for all vehicles with graphics installed on it. Car washes can be used as well.

What not to do:
• DO NOT power spray vehicle graphics

• DO NOT used amoniona based cleaners (I.E. windex, lemon juice, etc.)

• DO NOT use hard or bristel brushes

What do I do if I see an issue?
• Call Wrap City Designs immediately

• Take photos of problem areas and any other documentation

• Send all information to Wrap City Designs

Does the sun damage my wrap?
Yes, the sun is the most common thing that will damage wraps. Park vehicle in the shade, covered parking, or garages whenever possible. The more the vehicle is in the sun the faster the wrap will start to weather.

What if I get into an accident?
Wrap City Designs can help with accident claims. Wrap City Designs does not warranty any vehicles that are involved in an accident. If it is a printed wrap, the wrap will have to be replaced throughout in order to match color. If it is a full color change, the wrap can be replaced in only the areas needed (but not in all cases). Have the insurance company or repair shop contact Wrap City Designs to receive a quote.

What is covered?
This warranty covers product defects in manufacture product failures and installation errors.

What is Not Covered?
• Natural weathering, gradual reduction in gloss laminate, slight color changes due to sun damage, and some lifting at graphic edges in hard to stick areas on vehicle.

• Graphics lifting due to previous damage to paint or vehicle surface prior to installation.

• Vehicle graphics damaged as a result of improper car washing, negligence, misuse, accidents, wear and tear, water damage, wake waves, or physical damage caused by contact with foreign objects (such as road debris, tree branches, car keys, etc.).

• Graphics purchased from another company installed by Wrap City Designs.

• Window Graphic Film is warranty for only 6 months

• Wrap City Designs will not warranty areas wrapped at customer’s request that are not covered by the manufacture (I.E. emblems wrapped over, trim, molding, plastic areas,rubber areas, and wheel wells.

How long is the warranty for vehicle graphics?
Manufacture warranties all graphic film for 3 years on the non-direct sunlight areas and Wrap City Designs warranties all installation errors caused by Wrap City Designs for 1 year.

Warranty Claims:
If the warranty claim is justified, Wrap City designs will fix or replace the product area that is at fault. This includes removal and reinstallation of new graphics if necessary. Wrap City Designs is not liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages caused by manufacture defaults.

Wrap City Designs will submit all claims for graphic film defaults to manufacture. Manufacture will process and determine the decision for all these claims. If the claim is denied from manufacture, Wrap City Designs in some cases may give credit on customer’s account but can not process any refunds on material used.

All complaints will be evaluated by Wrap City Designs and solution determined from evidence collected. Visual assessment and photos is required of problem areas in order for any claim to be filed. In some cases, removal of default areas may be needed to determine outcome. Verbal descriptions of product problems are not sufficient.

All claims for manufacture defects must be made as soon as the problem arises.

All purchases made through Wrap City Deigns constitutes acceptance of this warranty and all the information within it. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow all guidelines in this warranty and to make any claims within the allotted time frame.